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On Vibrating, Charged Objects   This article discusses action forces and reaction forces and how they combine in equations.

Oscillating Charge and the Emitted Radiant Energy per Cycle.   In this article the radiant power emitted by an oscillating point charge is discussed. Two formulas are considered: (1) the Larmor-Lienard formula, and (2) the Abraham-Lorentz formula. Both formulas are relativistically rigorous. Thus each applies to cases where the maximum speed of oscillation may range up to ~c. Consideration is limited to one dimension, where a point charge moves back and forth along the x-axis.


A Puzzlement?:  The Master Magician, The Master Magician Redux


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Faraday’s "Paradox" and Spin-Induced Electric Fields

A Velocity Space Derivation of the Maxwell/Boltzmann Molecular Speed Distribution

Feynman’s "Paradox" and Electromagnetic Moments of Inertia

The Electric Field "in front of" and "in back of" Two Point Charges

On the Difference Between Spinning Electromagnets And Spinning Permanent Magnets

Orbital Precession in an Inverse Square Force Field

A Derivation of the Electromagnetic Mass and Self-Torque of an Infinitely Long Solenoid

Spinning Spirals and the Quantum Wave Function

The Fields of a Translating, Uncharged Current Loop

Nuclear Forces and Interacting Current Loops

On The Physics of Homopolar Generators and Motors

On Over Unity Machines

A Non-Radiating, Accelerating Charge

The Finite Square Well

The Equations of Motion for n Charged Particles With Periodic Motion

On the Radiated Power of an Oscillating Charge

Covariance of the Larmor-Lienard Formula for Radiated Power, Oscillation Along the x-axis